Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend

Thursday 17 March 2016

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A Soul friend is a friendship or like having a little brother and a little sister.We kind of have the same in common like loving to read with them, Or love to write with them, We like to comfort each other and make sure we feel safe.

My Soul friends name is Jireh & Patrick they are both 7 years old  turning 8 this year. Jireh is very talented at singing and likes to read. But when I look at patrick I find him very attracted to eating & disturb people from anything that surrounded  him.

Soul friend is a relationship that is between an older person and a younger person.It came from the Irish Holy Faith Sisters that started our school 58 years ago which was made for people who came here.  

We need a soul friend because they need us to look out for them.They come to us and hang out with us.