Tuesday, 26 November 2013

term 4 typing test

In the beginning of the year my typing was 15 and my least typing was 0 I was so sad but I got my highest score and that was 56 I was so happy when I saw that on my screen so then I screen shot it and when I went home I felt proud of my self.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Touch Trainig

What I am looking forward is to learn more skills about Touch.

I am expecting to play Touch again.

We are doing this to know how to play Touch.

I think I will see a Coach, rugby ball and cones.

Friday, 15 November 2013

My Inspiration

My Inspiration is Laura Marano Why I picked her was that she acts little a normal girl and she doesn't want to show off when she is doing stuff. Also how she sings sounds like a bird that is humming very beautiful that we have a good night sleep. And also she is very talented with her singing and also she hangs around with her friends and she makes up a song and she singings it.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Prompt practice 5

Awesome picture Emily. shouted james well thank you Emily screamed.

Let’s take  another picture because it is almost finished said Emily ,but I have to go to a meeting with my boss.Emily said but can you just take one more picture please I can’t shouted James please please please please screamed Emily but can you just stay for another picture please fine then emily just one picture and I am going I am late.

who cares I care shouted James ok then lets take our picture now. smile Emily, James said so then Emily smiled. and after that James was holding a blowing machine. and Emily’s hair went up up and she  was smiling very much she can’t stop smiling so then James said I don’t care about the meeting with my boss any more because I am already fired because I was late but Emily said then how are you going to find a job it’s alright I will find another job somewhere but that was your best job you told me before you started doing it.

but I don’t care any more it is all over now. ok then shouted Emily. well can we take another picture ok then shouted James. so lets go back home now ok said emily.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Practicing Prompt 4

“Hurry up john shouted Mary. So we can go to the Zoo. yes said john lets go know we are going to be late .

One day everyone woke up because of owl’s noise and so then Mary woke early because she is going to the Zoo with her  older brother John.

and she went and knocked on his door to wake up so they can go to the Zoo be for the Zoo closes .

then john heard a loud knock on his door and said who is it and Mary said it’s me hurry up and get changed so we can go to the Zoo. John said what now I am going with my friends to the pools I can’t go with you to the Zoo go with your friends I can’t mary screamed because they are at a sleeping party.  they  invited me but I said no because I don’t want to go.and I want to go to  the Zoo with you but I can’t because I am going with my friends to the pool Mary but you are my brother and i want to go with you fine then I will go and Mary said thank and she started to hug him and kiss him on the cheeks .

after that he said ok then stop if you don’t I won’t go with you to the Zoo and I will just go with my friends to the pool.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Prompt Writing 2

“Come on Mike lets go to the beach” said mum but Mike was sleeping so then when mum called him again as loud as she could he woke up and got changed. After that when Mike got changed he went outside and said “can I invite my friends too?”and Mum said “of course”. Mum went to go and pick up Mike’s friends from their houses. They all went together and went swimming. Mike and his friends ran and jumped into the ocean. Mike’s mum was just sitting down and reading her book.