Friday, 11 November 2016


Learn: We will learn to have some understanding of conscience and the catholic conscience!

Thursday, 20 October 2016


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Monday, 19 September 2016

My Prototec results

This term I have been working on my maths.I have been using a useful site called 'prototec'.I have been working on stage 6 this whole term. 

Use protect to help you succeed !!!
Combination to 1000
Addition to 20
Subtraction to 20
X & :- 2, 3, 5, 10
Time & Total correct
Stage 6
4 min,12 secs 32/40
Stage 6
2min, 10secs 29/40
Stage 6
3min, 20secs 33/40
Stage 6
5min,0 secs

Friday, 9 September 2016

What it's like to be Tongan

To be a Tongan is amazing because you  have  many families that looks out for you, I am very grateful to be Tongan. Even though there are horrible stereotypes about us Tongans we don't really care and also I know most of them aren't so true. I love being a Tongan so much because we also LOVE to eat. Seeing a lot of kids in our school dress up in Tongan clothes  made me think how they really enjoy being a Tongan.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

My Maths Achievement

This week in Maths I have achieved one of my goals. I created an Animoto to show my evidence and understanding. I hope you enjoy!

My Reading Achievement

This week I have achieved my reading goal.I created a DLO to show my evidence that I have achieved my goal.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Jesus the model teacher

   I have been learning about Jesus as a model teacher.This is my DLO that reveales evidence that Jesus is a modle teacher to me.

Friday, 19 August 2016

DLO - Understanding fraction using the same denominator

Narrative Writing

Brrrrringgggggg! I answered the phone and I said Hello is anyone there?. Then suddenly a strange voice answered H-E-L-L-O , I wondered to myself who would call at this time, besides my lovely old parents. I wondered to myself, “Who could it be?”, Then I asked politely, “Who’s this speaking please?”,Then that strange voice from before came back again. I looked at the clock and it was going way past my bedtime.
“Who could this mysterious person be” ,I wondered to myself.I asked that person again.Then I heard giggling and I asked “ May I ask who is this speaking please”!, Then I guessed who it was,it was my annoying sisters trying to PRANK me!!.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

If My Pet Could Speak - Narrative

“ Bailey” quick come over here.It felt a little bit odd because usally he’d come down stairs."Sini" someone called", I heard the unknown voice coming from upstairs.

As I was going upstairs I felt suspicious,so I walked into my room and here I see my dog “ quick come over here”,I couldn’t believe my own two ears.He looked at me with a very mischievous looking on his face “Quickly come here or else”, Or else what I asked secretly, He came to and said “ come closer but you'd promise to don’t tell anyone”,I looked at him.. What! I shouted,Bailey ran out of the room and was frightened.

I went to him and said “when did you start gossiping like that” I asked him.He was saying all these words but he couldn’t put a word together,”But I thought only old lady’s gossip”, He was embarrassed that I had said that to him, after a while he was bursting out of laughter.

Friday, 12 August 2016

The NED Show

This is my writing about The Ned Show. I really enjoyed it.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Being Smart Online

Wednesday 8 August 2016 - Recount
Constable Gordon came and had an important talk with Room 7 about being smart online.

Something that Constable Gordon really amazed me with was when he said anything that you put on Gmail or any other social media you can’t delete it. If it has been published it’s long gone to the owner of the website, they now can see you have cyber bullied someone online with words that you have probably thought of for a second or minute.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Narrative Story

Narrative writing -
A long long time ago on an island which was unknown, there were two little creatures who lived in a Jungle. One was a girl named Grace and she loved to dance, sing and especially play her ukulele. She also had a brother named Smith he was mean, grumpy and never cared about anything.

One day after a full day of fun we went back to our campsite and Smith went to sleep and I tried to get some sleep, but the night sky was so beautiful I just had to sing about it, I started singing, “La la la the sky so bright!”  and then my stinky older brother, Smith interrupted, “Really? More singing?” Smith uttered in an angry voice. “Why yes! It helps you be relaxed you should try it some time!” Grace said. “I don’t like relaxing, I don’t like singing, and I sure do not like dancing!”

Grace was so hurt by what her brother said, she got even angrier so she thought that if she impressed him, he would feel guilty and apologize. She grabbed her ukulele, and strummed away. He was furious! So he chucked his blanket aside and gave her the angry look.

Grace called her imaginary friends to come out and sing and dance along with her. One of her imaginary spider came down its web, “Hey fella” the spider said. “EWWW YUCK!” screamed Smith.

As soon as her singing and dancing was done, Smith said to her, “May I?” Grace thought that he was actually impressed until when he got it, he straight away chucked it into the bonfire and went straight to sleep.


Understanding of Fractions - DLO
Understand of Fractions: I can name simple fractions using shapes.Screenshot 2016-07-29 at 10.00.51 AM.png Screenshot 2016-07-29 at 10.01.49 AM.png
These are the photos that show my understanding about Fractions.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Matariki - Night Sky

Matariki - night sky.PNG
In Room 7, I've been learning alot about Matariki.In the picture above,I painted the Matariki night sky,what I mainly used was black and grey pastles.
FACT:Matariki is one of the star clusters that are the nearest to Earth.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

School Book week

Today was Book week, Book week is when you have to dress up as your favourite character from a book ,game manual or anything that has to do with reading. I was excited because I was coming  as a nerd to the book week, well I didn’t really look like a nerd. I just looked like a original person from reality.

We started our book week with the duffy assembly with Josephine Bartley. Each class came up and Alecia and Rosrine asked several students about their character.Towards the end of the assembly we received our duffy books,given out by our special guest and Mr Coakley. Right at the end of the assembly we were asked to stand up and walk around the hall to show everyone our costume.

What I liked about today was looking at other people's costumes.One thing I enjoyed about this day was getting to know about more peoples characters.


My experience at St.Francis Retreat was Awesome, we had  time to look deeper into our learning to show leadership to the students of St.Pius X.

Once we got given our cards we went into 4 groups,my group was,Kalo,Rosrine,Paul and me.We had to find clues and do a Skit about it.It was rough for me because we had to hold a brown piece of paper that was weak.It started raining so my group decided to cover it with our jacket so that it wont rip.Finally we found our first clue underneath the fish pond.

Then we moved on to the next clue which was obviously on the big green paper bin.Our last clue was all the way down to the mail box was on the ground,we had to run for our lives because we were getting wet andour clues were getting wet.

Then we all rushed inside and took off our shoes where it was warm and dried.We sat on the chairs waiting until everyone had got back from their treasure hunt.

Te Oro Experience

Being in Te Oro for the first time was a good experience. When we got there I saw different art and also some different people. I was Amazed when I got there because I  could go anywhere in Te Oro and try out different things such as dance,paint & watch. The first  station I went to was  watching sommerville dance to a samoan song that I couldn’t  understand and didn’t know what the song was about.

I got mixed up with the hawaiian songs and the tongan songs because it almost had similar words.It was pretty confusing.I felt like getting hypnotized from a fan, and actually fan, well they took off the front and made it a spinning thingy for us to be able to paint, it was kind of weird but oh well.

It was almost time to go, I didn’t really knew we were actually going to go but I just remembered that we were going to go back to school in about a minute.Kalo and I went up stairs to the computer room and was playing music.Then we were called from J.T to come back because we're going back to school.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Whole School trip to St Patrick Cathedral

Last week on the 1st of July was a special day.

St Pius X catholic school  went on a trip to St Patrick’s Cathedral in the city, we traveled by bus to get their (as usual). Firstly we entered the door of Mercy, we were going to St Patrick’s cathedral on a Pilgrimage Journey. I was excited because we were going to Bishop Patrick, the Diocese of Auckland’s cathedral I was excited.  From the minute I walked in I just remembered it was the year of Mercy.

Once we arrived I was excited to see what it looked like inside and also what Bishop Patrick’s chair looked like? When I went inside with my class I was amazed of what I saw. We got seated in the front row. After 5 - 10 mins we finally began our Mass. Fr Larry welcomed us and began.

The first reader was a guy. Then we had to do the eucharist and we sang “Bread Broken”. When we finished the song we went up to get the Bread and Wine. At the end we took a school photo by Mrs tui and Viliamis Aunty.
Then we went and had Lunch. After Lunch we went back to the bus and went back to school.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The science Roadshow experience

Science Show
Hopping into Joshua’s car was exciting.  We’re on our way to a Science Road Show at Tamaki college. I haven’t been to a science roadshow before.  Once we got  there, Room7 and Room5  lined up waiting to go  in.  It was freezing cold but I couldn't wait.

Inside the hall, there were different stations with different science experiment.  I like the wave experiment the best.  I got to see how the waves were followed by another.  There was a station where I see how earthquake work.

We had to watch a experiment about sound.  I learnt that loud sound or noise can damage my ears.  I learnt new vocabulary such as sound frequency.  I can see how sound travel very fast in the air.

I really enjoy going to the Science RoadShow and now I know what it means.  Lots and lots of science experiment and experiences. 

Friday, 6 May 2016

My Mother

Mothers are hard workers for all of us. They help us when we are in need, they are always there to encourage us. Mothers are very helpful and loving.

My mum is beautiful, kind and helpful.She is a loving person that will never let go of us.I love my mother no matter what.She is there when my life get’s down,she is a mother with a very big heart full of love to her children.She is a mother of 10 unique  kids that love her so much.

My mother has been there for me ever since day one,she gave me strength, God made her smile of the sunshine.In her cheeks,fair rose .In her eye’s God placed bright shining stars and he moulded her heart of pure gold.

You are my superhero, you're my friend, you are my sunshine that kisses my booboo’s braids my hair……………. I  YOU MUM no matter what.

Holiday writing

On friday afternoon my cousins and I went to the movies to watch the Jungle book.It’s about a little boy called mowgli who was an orphaned human boy,raised by a family of wolves.He was guided by his animal guardians.

Mowgli had to leave the only home he has ever known when the frightened tiger Shere khan let goes of his roar.Guided by a panther and a bear.

The young boy meets all different jungle animals also a python snake and a very big fat talking ape.

At the end Mowgli brings the red flower (which is fire), and it surrounded everywhere in the jungle and shere khan tries to kill Mowgli and Mowgli jumped and Shere Khan fell off the tree and landed on the red flower.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Letter to - Aurthur - holiday post

Dear ,Michelle Knudsen

My name is Kanesini, I live in New Zealand, I am 12 years of age and go to St Pius X Catholic School, in Glen Innes.

I am writing this letter to you about my thoughts to the book you were reading.

I have read your book Library Lion.If I were to rate about this book I would give it a 5/5 because I find this book very interesting. I thought it was interesting because I never expected a Lion to love reading and that really loves going to the library so much.

I found your book very appropriate for kids and fun to read.It was awesome because at the end the Lion got to come back to the library again.  

Screenshot 2016-04-24 at 9.06.40 PM.png                  

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

5 Daily Literacy - Holiday Post

Title of Book/Date
Enemy Pie

A boy called Jeremy Ross just moved in the neighborhood next to Stanley. And Stanley’s friend is a little bit jealous.Jeremy Ross had a trampoline party and invited Stanley and everyone else but Stanley's friend. His best friend has a tree - house and a enemy list, Jeremy Ross was the only enemy on his list.Dad had a secret recipe to get rid of enemies. And the next day Stanley’s best friend had to hang out with Jeremy Ross for one day and bring him over for dinner.

Rate and Why
⅚ *****/******

After hanging out with his enemy Jeremy Ross he had no enemies after all.

5 Daily Literacy - Holiday Post

Title of Book/Date

5 sentence summary

Rainbow fish is a beautiful fish in the ocean.One day a little blue fish asked rainbow fish for 1 little scale but rainbow fish said no.And after that day nobody talked to him even when he goes past they look away.So the octupus told him to share his scales with everyone.Then later that day the little blue fish came again and said “Rainbow Fish can I have one of your scales please”. Rainbow fish gave him the littlest scale then he watched the little blue fish run around him with excitement.

Rate and Why
4/4  ****/****
At the end he gave one scale each to everyone.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Best Writing Of 2016!!

The reason why this is my best piece of writing is because. . . . . . . . .
  • I used some interesting words
  • I used Punctuation marks
  • Because this was my first Narrative Writing


There is a storm, it was a howling windy day and Jesus disciples were in the boat.

But on that day Jesus went to the hill because he wanted to go and Pray for a little while. After all that tiring business he went straight into a lake, then his Disciples shouted “ IT’S A GHOST, IT’S A GHOST!”. Then Jesus replied “ Don’t Be Afraid “ then all his disciples told him if he was the Son Of God then call me to come to the water.

A few minutes later Jesus told him to come and after that I got off the boat and started walking towards the water. He saw that there was a storm coming towards them, then he started to sink to the bottom of the Lake. A few seconds later Jesus went straight to him and picked him up and then they both went back into the boat.

After Jesus saved us I said “ Thank You So Much “ then the Disciples started to worship him.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Math Problem

Learn: I learned how to use screencastify
Creation:Solve a maths problem

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend

Thursday 17 March 2016

 Screenshot 2016-03-17 at 1.40.27 PM.png
A Soul friend is a friendship or like having a little brother and a little sister.We kind of have the same in common like loving to read with them, Or love to write with them, We like to comfort each other and make sure we feel safe.

My Soul friends name is Jireh & Patrick they are both 7 years old  turning 8 this year. Jireh is very talented at singing and likes to read. But when I look at patrick I find him very attracted to eating & disturb people from anything that surrounded  him.

Soul friend is a relationship that is between an older person and a younger person.It came from the Irish Holy Faith Sisters that started our school 58 years ago which was made for people who came here.  

We need a soul friend because they need us to look out for them.They come to us and hang out with us.

Friday, 12 February 2016

A Fun, Tiring and Great Holiday !!

photo (46).JPGA Fun, Tiring and Great Holiday!

On a very hot sunny day my family and I went to St heliers beach. As we were going to the beach we stopped by pak n save to by some snacks and drinks to go with to the beach.When we were going to our  normal spot. As we were driving past we saw people swimming in the water.

Once we got to our spot we all went into the water .When we were swimming my little brothers and my nephews and niece wanted to play at the park. As we were swimming we were doing handstands, divings & after our great swim we all went to the park with the kids.

After playing at the park & after all that great tiring time with our families we all decided to go back home.When we got back home we all went inside and went to sleep.




Malo lelei and Welcome to my blog 2016, I am a year 8 student at St Pius X Catholic school and attending Tamaki College next year, This is my last year and I really hope I have a great year and learn new things.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

My first week in Room 7

My first week in Room 7 was weird because I 'v never had Mrs Tui as my teacher before and I haven't been in Room 7 before. As the days were going I got use to it and now I'm happy . I have lots of new friends in here and my learning is going to be great fun.