Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My Mother

My mothers name is Olivia and she has brown hair and dark eyes like the colour brown.

She looks after me and she cares about me. My mum helps me with my homework and my mother helps me in the kitchen when we have dinner.

My mother supports me when my school has Athletics and she saves money to pay the house and give the bank money. My mother sometimes helps me with the dishes or set up the table for dinner.

My mother acts like a normal women at home and when she is around my cousins. She does not like how we shout and hit others and she has told us never to back chat to anyone. My mum also doesn’t like chocolate but she likes Burger King and KFC.

What makes my mum special is  when she has more time to work and to cleaning stuff, like her room. Sometimes I help her when she is tired or she just goes and cleans the bathroom for me.

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