Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My Mum

My Mum is very special to me.and I am very lucky to have her as my mother because she cares for me and she looks after me and she will make sure that
I will not go anywhere without telling her if I am going with my sister then I just go and tell my mum because when I go somewhere she will look for me and get scared.

whenever I go with my mum somewhere and we both get out people will start to look at her and talking about her  but if they say anything about my mum I don’t care what anyone says about my mum because I love her so much and my mum doesn’t care to I know that my mum doesn't care if anyone talks about her cause I know that she loves me so much and she doesn’t want to trouble with anyone.

I love my mum so much and my mum is soft like a teddy bear.also my mum is helpful when ever I have something stuck in my home work I will just and go and ask her.

My mum is very helpful because she cooks for me and cleans and if our back yard is not clean she will go and call my brothers if they can clean the backwith her and I was keep on sleeping so when I woke up I went outside and helped her pick up the rubbish.

When my mum looks at something dirty she will go and clean it so our house can be clean when people come over.

My mum is the best mum I ever had in the hole wide world she gives me courage and also love.

The End


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  1. Hi Kaneisini, I enjoyed reading your writing, I am proud of you for standing up for your mum, I suggest using more punctuation in the correct area and Capital letters in the beginning of a sentence. Great Job keep it up!