Friday, 12 February 2016

A Fun, Tiring and Great Holiday !!

photo (46).JPGA Fun, Tiring and Great Holiday!

On a very hot sunny day my family and I went to St heliers beach. As we were going to the beach we stopped by pak n save to by some snacks and drinks to go with to the beach.When we were going to our  normal spot. As we were driving past we saw people swimming in the water.

Once we got to our spot we all went into the water .When we were swimming my little brothers and my nephews and niece wanted to play at the park. As we were swimming we were doing handstands, divings & after our great swim we all went to the park with the kids.

After playing at the park & after all that great tiring time with our families we all decided to go back home.When we got back home we all went inside and went to sleep.


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  1. What a great family time! Please check your punctuation before posting