Thursday, 14 April 2016

Best Writing Of 2016!!

The reason why this is my best piece of writing is because. . . . . . . . .
  • I used some interesting words
  • I used Punctuation marks
  • Because this was my first Narrative Writing


There is a storm, it was a howling windy day and Jesus disciples were in the boat.

But on that day Jesus went to the hill because he wanted to go and Pray for a little while. After all that tiring business he went straight into a lake, then his Disciples shouted “ IT’S A GHOST, IT’S A GHOST!”. Then Jesus replied “ Don’t Be Afraid “ then all his disciples told him if he was the Son Of God then call me to come to the water.

A few minutes later Jesus told him to come and after that I got off the boat and started walking towards the water. He saw that there was a storm coming towards them, then he started to sink to the bottom of the Lake. A few seconds later Jesus went straight to him and picked him up and then they both went back into the boat.

After Jesus saved us I said “ Thank You So Much “ then the Disciples started to worship him.

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