Friday, 19 August 2016

Narrative Writing

Brrrrringgggggg! I answered the phone and I said Hello is anyone there?. Then suddenly a strange voice answered H-E-L-L-O , I wondered to myself who would call at this time, besides my lovely old parents. I wondered to myself, “Who could it be?”, Then I asked politely, “Who’s this speaking please?”,Then that strange voice from before came back again. I looked at the clock and it was going way past my bedtime.
“Who could this mysterious person be” ,I wondered to myself.I asked that person again.Then I heard giggling and I asked “ May I ask who is this speaking please”!, Then I guessed who it was,it was my annoying sisters trying to PRANK me!!.

1 comment:

  1. That was a curious narrative story Kanesini.
    I really liked how you made yourself guess even though it is a NARRATIVE STORY.
    I really like how you made the event at bed, because it makes your narrative story scary.
    I think it'll be helpful if you check your punctuation before you publish your narrative.
    Great work.