Friday, 27 September 2013

Duffy Theatre

“Yay It’s Duffy Theater Today . On morning tea the 24th of September the whole school went to the Duffy theater but not room 7 because they went to rugby league, and also they asked us if we know he Duffy song and we all said yes and then after that they said all right lets sing it and then we sang the song and then when the song was finished they said by to us and the there was a girl and two boy’s and there names were  Afi,Duffy Scruffy and vautra .and Afi said so  we are going to play a samoan game and she said when I say patia you clap once and when I say lo pati you clap two times and she said ok let’s try it and we did and then we were finished then after that Scruffy came out and Duffy was looking for scruffy then scruffy came out and  was looking for Duffy so then they found each other.

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