Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kids For Kids Recount :)

On a lovely evening on the 13th of September some of the kids from Room 3 went to the Kids for Kids concert. We had a practice in the afternoon and every one had to come because it was important.   They need to give food and money to the poor people and the people that went to Kids for Kids concert had to pay money and the money goes to the poor people.

Annalise, Alecia, Tokilupe, Ezra, Manu, Richie, Stephanie, Rosalina and me all went to the concert and the teachers came too. The teachers that came were Mrs Williams, Mr Coakley, Miss G, Mr Gaffney and his wife and Mrs Pole. It was very fun but I was the last one there because my mum went to Glen Innes to go and pick up my brother from school and when she came back it was already night time and my legs was shaking because I was so nervous and scared. There was a lot of people there and it was packed. When we got there Daynah said to line up so we could go on stage. She called our row number 2 then we went to the stage and when I looked up it was a lot of people there.  When we all sat down I was hot because the light was on us. A man said give it up for Jackie Clark and Nathan King and then all the audience were clapping for them. They came out and then they said hello to everyone. After that the first song we sang and the director came out and his name was Chris Clark, he had big bushy hair. He  was telling us to stop when it Wasn’t our turn because it was Nathan’s turn. When it was my turn to do the ukulele I was very nervous, but very proud of myself to perform in front of all those people.

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