Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Prompt practice 5

Awesome picture Emily. shouted james well thank you Emily screamed.

Let’s take  another picture because it is almost finished said Emily ,but I have to go to a meeting with my boss.Emily said but can you just take one more picture please I can’t shouted James please please please please screamed Emily but can you just stay for another picture please fine then emily just one picture and I am going I am late.

who cares I care shouted James ok then lets take our picture now. smile Emily, James said so then Emily smiled. and after that James was holding a blowing machine. and Emily’s hair went up up and she  was smiling very much she can’t stop smiling so then James said I don’t care about the meeting with my boss any more because I am already fired because I was late but Emily said then how are you going to find a job it’s alright I will find another job somewhere but that was your best job you told me before you started doing it.

but I don’t care any more it is all over now. ok then shouted Emily. well can we take another picture ok then shouted James. so lets go back home now ok said emily.

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