Friday, 6 May 2016

My Mother

Mothers are hard workers for all of us. They help us when we are in need, they are always there to encourage us. Mothers are very helpful and loving.

My mum is beautiful, kind and helpful.She is a loving person that will never let go of us.I love my mother no matter what.She is there when my life get’s down,she is a mother with a very big heart full of love to her children.She is a mother of 10 unique  kids that love her so much.

My mother has been there for me ever since day one,she gave me strength, God made her smile of the sunshine.In her cheeks,fair rose .In her eye’s God placed bright shining stars and he moulded her heart of pure gold.

You are my superhero, you're my friend, you are my sunshine that kisses my booboo’s braids my hair……………. I  YOU MUM no matter what.


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  3. Wow Sini
    I really liked the way you used describing words to describe your mums smile and especially how you explained about how mother's care about us. Great work.

  4. Wow i really liked the way you describe your mum and also really like how u added some cute emoji in your writing . Keep up the astonishing work:)

  5. Wow, Great work Kanesini.
    I really like how you used the emojis.
    I also like how you made this description as beautiful as your Mum.
    Keep up With the great and awesome work