Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The science Roadshow experience

Science Show
Hopping into Joshua’s car was exciting.  We’re on our way to a Science Road Show at Tamaki college. I haven’t been to a science roadshow before.  Once we got  there, Room7 and Room5  lined up waiting to go  in.  It was freezing cold but I couldn't wait.

Inside the hall, there were different stations with different science experiment.  I like the wave experiment the best.  I got to see how the waves were followed by another.  There was a station where I see how earthquake work.

We had to watch a experiment about sound.  I learnt that loud sound or noise can damage my ears.  I learnt new vocabulary such as sound frequency.  I can see how sound travel very fast in the air.

I really enjoy going to the Science RoadShow and now I know what it means.  Lots and lots of science experiment and experiences. 

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