Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Whole School trip to St Patrick Cathedral

Last week on the 1st of July was a special day.

St Pius X catholic school  went on a trip to St Patrick’s Cathedral in the city, we traveled by bus to get their (as usual). Firstly we entered the door of Mercy, we were going to St Patrick’s cathedral on a Pilgrimage Journey. I was excited because we were going to Bishop Patrick, the Diocese of Auckland’s cathedral I was excited.  From the minute I walked in I just remembered it was the year of Mercy.

Once we arrived I was excited to see what it looked like inside and also what Bishop Patrick’s chair looked like? When I went inside with my class I was amazed of what I saw. We got seated in the front row. After 5 - 10 mins we finally began our Mass. Fr Larry welcomed us and began.

The first reader was a guy. Then we had to do the eucharist and we sang “Bread Broken”. When we finished the song we went up to get the Bread and Wine. At the end we took a school photo by Mrs tui and Viliamis Aunty.
Then we went and had Lunch. After Lunch we went back to the bus and went back to school.

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