Friday, 29 July 2016

Narrative Story

Narrative writing -
A long long time ago on an island which was unknown, there were two little creatures who lived in a Jungle. One was a girl named Grace and she loved to dance, sing and especially play her ukulele. She also had a brother named Smith he was mean, grumpy and never cared about anything.

One day after a full day of fun we went back to our campsite and Smith went to sleep and I tried to get some sleep, but the night sky was so beautiful I just had to sing about it, I started singing, “La la la the sky so bright!”  and then my stinky older brother, Smith interrupted, “Really? More singing?” Smith uttered in an angry voice. “Why yes! It helps you be relaxed you should try it some time!” Grace said. “I don’t like relaxing, I don’t like singing, and I sure do not like dancing!”

Grace was so hurt by what her brother said, she got even angrier so she thought that if she impressed him, he would feel guilty and apologize. She grabbed her ukulele, and strummed away. He was furious! So he chucked his blanket aside and gave her the angry look.

Grace called her imaginary friends to come out and sing and dance along with her. One of her imaginary spider came down its web, “Hey fella” the spider said. “EWWW YUCK!” screamed Smith.

As soon as her singing and dancing was done, Smith said to her, “May I?” Grace thought that he was actually impressed until when he got it, he straight away chucked it into the bonfire and went straight to sleep.

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