Thursday, 7 July 2016

Te Oro Experience

Being in Te Oro for the first time was a good experience. When we got there I saw different art and also some different people. I was Amazed when I got there because I  could go anywhere in Te Oro and try out different things such as dance,paint & watch. The first  station I went to was  watching sommerville dance to a samoan song that I couldn’t  understand and didn’t know what the song was about.

I got mixed up with the hawaiian songs and the tongan songs because it almost had similar words.It was pretty confusing.I felt like getting hypnotized from a fan, and actually fan, well they took off the front and made it a spinning thingy for us to be able to paint, it was kind of weird but oh well.

It was almost time to go, I didn’t really knew we were actually going to go but I just remembered that we were going to go back to school in about a minute.Kalo and I went up stairs to the computer room and was playing music.Then we were called from J.T to come back because we're going back to school.

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