Thursday, 7 July 2016


My experience at St.Francis Retreat was Awesome, we had  time to look deeper into our learning to show leadership to the students of St.Pius X.

Once we got given our cards we went into 4 groups,my group was,Kalo,Rosrine,Paul and me.We had to find clues and do a Skit about it.It was rough for me because we had to hold a brown piece of paper that was weak.It started raining so my group decided to cover it with our jacket so that it wont rip.Finally we found our first clue underneath the fish pond.

Then we moved on to the next clue which was obviously on the big green paper bin.Our last clue was all the way down to the mail box was on the ground,we had to run for our lives because we were getting wet andour clues were getting wet.

Then we all rushed inside and took off our shoes where it was warm and dried.We sat on the chairs waiting until everyone had got back from their treasure hunt.

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